What happens when you surrender to the things they say?
To the lies they tell, to the failures the past makes you feel like are trends.
No one is there to help, no one is there to try; I laugh to myself because in life who is truly our friend?

I stumble sometimes unaware of the sudden words they pelt at me
Landing on my back, Blutoop! trying to knock the life out of me.
Dodging them like bullets while they push me close to life’s precipice
Little do they know; I am a fighter, God is my master and I his apprentice

Even though I stand tall with a smile on my face,
When my own family says words to me that makes me feel like they await the time they shove me down a grave.
I give them no chance to get rid of me
Instead I fight back and I push me
Yes still I smile!

I do not know who to blame, for the direction our society has gone
How, who, what, where did it go wrong?
I stand still and frown,
I frown upon us youths for how worse we make our world seem.
I frown upon the breeders not fathers that know not what parenting is.

Corruption in this land, I am scared yet anxiously await our fathers arrival
Take away this pain, take away our world, and teach us how to be disciples

Alright world, alright society your cage is suffocating!
Our world is slowly tearing apart and trying to keep it together is exhausting
All I see is a society full of bones, a world full of living dead people
No more fighting for what is right, it’s like our leaders have given up on protecting their own people

They act like they care, when they are the one judging us
Life behind shadows, help them and then we fall to dust
Trapped! Nowhere to run; only left to open our soul to wanderlust
Bringing others down, to feel like the alpha wolves
Who can we trust?

Tell us who we are, but then judge us when you see our scars
Funny how you care, only when we are dead
No breath to breathe no life to live
We’re all the same on this broken bridge
Journeying towards a better life a better way we are anxious to live



Do You Remember?

I ask myself why I keep thinking about you so much
Every possible thing I see or even touch brings back some type of memory of when we were us

People would tell me let it go he doesn’t deserve you why do you even hold on
Maybe it’s because you were the only good thing I had in my life that stopped me from moving on

To the after life, almost took a knife, almost ended it all one night because one person going through so much pain just isn’t right

But it doesn’t look like that
And no one knows my facts
I put on my mask and go day by day and try not to show the world that I’ve gone off track

That I’ve given my all, that I have none of me left
That my entire existence was left in the hands of a man that could care less
And now I’ve given up, no makeup
Face so bare there’s no where I can hide my pain because I am now faced up

And yes. I don’t have it all together, everyday my sanity drifts further and further away just like a feather
And with each passing day my mind still drifts back to you and I’ve come to realize I’ll love you forever.

Do you remember?